SIGMA ZXT Extinguishant Control Panel

Sigma ZXT provides controls and indications for a single area extinguishing release system. Three conventional detection zones provide the alarm stimulus required to activate the release of extinguishant. Any single zone or a combination of multiple zones can be configured to contribute to the release of the extinguishant.

Product code: 

K192311XM2 Standard panel 2.6A 368 (w) x 324 (h) x 100 (d)
K192311XM3 Large panel 2.6A 368 (w) x 434 (h) x 133 (d)
K195311XM3 Large panel 5.25A 368 (w) x 434 (h) x 133 (d

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Main features

  • Single area extinguishing panel
  • Dual extinguishing outputs with main/reserve configuration option
  • Secure Event logging 1000 events
  • Dynamic LCD Display
  • 4 configurable user passcodes
  • Compatible with I.S. barriers
  • 6 x Programmable relay outputs
  • Countdown timer displays time remaining until release
  • Supports up to seven, Sigma ZXT four-wire status indicators (also compatible with Sigma SI status units for retrofit applications)
  • Larger enclosure available with option of 2.6A or 5.25A PSU
  • Approved and certified to EN12094-1, EN54-2 and EN54-4
  • Compatible with LE2 configuration software

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