Sigma XT+ Extinguishant Multi-Area Control Panel

The Sigma XT+ range combines Sigma CP conventional fire detection from two to eight zones.
With highly configurable extinguishing control modules, it provides an integrated control solution for extinguishing systems with up to four protected areas.

The fire detection section connects to the extinguishant control modules via a serial link which allows secure, bi-directional transfer of data between the two. Sigma XT+ modules may be mounted remotely in separate enclosures and connected to Sigma CP panels via this serial interface to provide central fire detection and control with distributed extinguishing systems.

Sigma XT+ modules may also be mounted separately from fire detection and control equipment and activated by addressable output modules or volt free contacts from other systems via two monitored activation inputs.

Product code: 

K21021M3 Zones 2 Area 1 Size 385 x 520x 110
K21041M3 Zones 4 Area 1 Size 385 x 520x 110
K21042M3 Zones 4 Area 2 Size 385 x 520x 110
K21081M3 Zones 8 Area 1 Size 385 x 520x 110
K21082M3 Zones 8 Area 2 Size 385 x 520 x 110
K21083M4 Zones 8 Area 3 Size 385 x 700x 145
K21084M4 Zones 8 Area 4 Size 385 x 700x 145


Main features

  • Two, four or eight detection zones
  • One to four extinguishant areas
  • Dual extinguishant outputs for each area (configurable as Main/Reserve)
  • First and second stage sounder outputs for each area
  • First and second stage volt-free changeover contacts for each area
  • Released volt-free contact per area
  • Fault volt-free contact per area
  • Programmable extinguishant delays
  • Programmable output duration
  • Countdown indicator shows time until release in seconds
  • Mode select and manual release controls per area
  • Monitored remote manual release input, Abort input & Hold input
  • Approved and certified to EN12094-1, EN54-2 and EN54-4

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Sigma XT+ Extinguishant Multi-Area Control Panel Data Sheet.pdf