Hochiki Analog Heat Sensor

ATJ-EA, a Fixed Temperature / Rate of Rise sensor that provides accurate temperature measurement data to the fire alarm control panel. These sensors are well-suited for environments where dust, cooking fumes, or other factors make the use of smoke sensors impractical.
Low profile – only 2.00″ high, including base

Approved UL Fire Detection

Product code : ATJ-EA


 Main features: 

  • Simple and reliable device addressing method
  • Uses the noise immune Digital Communication Protocol (DCP), which utilizes interrupts for fast response to fires
  • Rate of rise temperature threshold = 15°F/Min (determined by panel)
  • Adjustable threshold temperature = 135°F – 190°F (determined by panel)
  • Operating Voltage: 24 – 41 VDC
  • Standby Current: 350µA
  • Alarm Current: 500µA
  • Transmission Method: DCP – Digital Communication Protocol
  • Rate of Rise: 15° F/Min. (8.3° C/Min.)
  • Operating Temperature Range: 14° F to 122° F (-10° C to 50° C)
  • UL Maximum Spacing: 70 feet
  • Maximum Humidity: 95% RH Non-Condensing
  • Color & Case Material: Bone – ABS blend

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ATJ-EA Brochure.pdf