18005 / 18006

Mounting Bracket

The standard bracket is used for building applications.
Our heavy-duty bracket is like the standard bracket. The heavy-duty bracket has a reinforced band clamp. This band clamp over the sleeve reinforces it in shock and vibration applications. The heavy-duty bracket is used for transportation applications.

Part number : 18005


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Part Number Description Electrical Generators Thermal Generators
18001 2” Bracket 30E, 60E, 60ME 30T, 60T, 60MT
18002 2” Bracket – single mount
18005 3” Bracket 100E, 250ME 100T, 250MT
18006 3” Bracket – heavy duty
18010 5” Bracket 250E, 500E, 1000ME 250T, 500T, 1000MT
18011 5” Bracket – heavy duty
18015 8” Bracket 1000E, 1500E, 2500E N/A
18016 8” Bracket – heavy duty
Part Number Description Electrical Generators Thermal Generators
18201 2” External Bracket 30T,  60T, 60MT  30E, 60E
18205  3” External Bracket 100T, 250MT
18210  5” External Bracket 250T, 500T,  1000MT 250E, 500E, 1000ME

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