A Simple and Effective Fire Suppression System for Industrial Applications

Fireaway designs and manufactures the Stat-X® condensed aerosol fire suppression product line. This video is a high-level introduction to the enclosed special hazards that our Stat-X product line protects. This video explains the industries and applications that we most commonly protect.

Let this be your first step in protecting your people and assets!

Never underestimate the value of an effective fire suppression system.

Stat-X® fire suppression is an advanced aerosol technology that protects enclosed special hazards. Stat-X fire suppression is currently used worldwide in many critical applications.


A highly stable solid charge of the aerosol forming composition is contained within the sealed generator. Upon activation of the initiator, the charge begins a controlled burn producing an ultra-fine aerosol, which is ten times as effective as any other agent currently on the market. The effective aerosol passes through a series of oxidation and cooling filters, where the temperature of the aerosol is rapidly reduced before it escapes through the discharge ports of the generator at low pressure.  Generator placement within the hazard area provides proper flow and distribution of the highly effective aerosol within the protected volume.

Stat-X devices are termed condensed aerosol agent generators because they generate an ultra-fine suspension of highly ionized potassium fire-fighting particles upon actuation. 

How Stat-X Agent Suppresses Fires

  1. Stat-X agent and inert gas suspension discharge fills hazard volume (particle size 1-2 micron).
  2. Potassium radicals from Stat-X agent mix with free radicals generated by combustion.
  3. Potassium chemically joins with combustion free radicals, interrupting the fire’s reaction pathway and creating stable molecules.
  4. The interupted fire reaction pathway can no longer sustain combustion and the fire is suppressed.

The key elements in the generation process are:

•  Device is sealed and stable until actuated
•  Actuator at top energizes proprietary compound, creating aerosol agent by exothermic oxidation
•  Build-up of ultra-fine particles and nitrogen gas breaks membrane seal and exits through ports
•  Discharge fills protected area with a soft suspension of Stat-X agent without “super-pressurizing” space
•  Potassium ions combine with fragments of combustion, inhibiting the fine chain reaction
•  Agent particles also absorb heat from the fire and form inert gases upon decomposition
•  Minute Stat-X agent particles (2 μm) remain in suspension afterwards, helping check re-ignition
•  Post-fire area can be vented, with no harmful byproducts generated

•  Most efficient fire suppression by weight

•  Effective on A (surface), B, and C Class Fires

•  Non-toxic, EPA listed halon substitute 

Wide Range of Solutions

Compatible With Popular Control Panels

Stat-X aerosol generators use the same actuation methods as other special hazard re systems:

  • simple manual release,
  • automatic thermal release, or 
  • sophisticated electronic detection and control

compatibility with many manufacturers’ UL listed agent release panels means Stat-X Fire suppression can integrate into networks for central reporting or to mass notification systems per NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code. 

Low Cost of Ownership

  • NFPA standards and manufacturer guidelines all require regular system maintenance. This is essential to help ensure your suppression system is ready to respond in a fire emergency
  • But maintenance costs can be significant over the life of a system and must be considered early on.
  • Because Stat-X fire suppression has no distribution piping or pressurized agent vessels, maintenance activity is minimized. This dramatically decreases total cost of ownership compared to other systems.

The number of required maitenance tasks, their complexity and frequency determine costs over time. Tasks shown above are taken from UL-listed design, installation, operation and maintenance manuals from various manufacturers. By comparison, Stat-X system inspection and maintenance has fewer tasks, saving both time and labor.

Fire Professionals Are Switching to Stat-X!

Fire safety professionals who do coast-to-benefit risk analysis quickly realize Stat-X fire suppression is the most economical system, offering the most effective fire protection, for many special hazard applications. The inherent flexibility of design combined with equipment and labor savings allows them to enhance coverage for currently protected assets and add coverage to previously neglected areas.

After researching available special hazard systems for the very best protection as well as compliance with safety and environmental issues we found Stat-X technology as the product leader.

Engineer, Leicestershire, UK