SIGNALINE Universal Connector Box (UCB)

Product Code: CSSIGUC001

The Signaline Universal Connector Box (Signaline UCB) is suitable for use with all variants of Signaline FT-68, FT-88, FT-105 and HD.
A UCB can be used as an end of line enclosure, junction box or an interposing line unit (see right). It is supplied with cable glands, 1x terminal block, 1x 470Ω resistor and 1x
680Ω resistor.
Included resistors allow Signaline FT cable to be connected directly to the zone terminals of most conventional fire control panels.

Made in UK



• Compatible with Signaline HD & FT
• IP66
• EOL, junction box, or interposing line unit
• Resistant to most acids, alkalis & oils
** This product is not suitable for use with Signaline-185-R.

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Signaline Linear Heat Detection Catalog.pdf

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