Signaline FT-88-R

Product Code: CSSIGFT006

LHD Alarm Temperature: 88°C; Outer Sheath: Chemical Resistant Red Nylon

Signaline Fixed Temperature Linear Heat Detector (Signaline FT) detects a build up of heat anywhere along its length. When any point along the length of the cable reaches a predetermined temperature an alarm is initiated. Signaline FT is available in four different temperature settings and two outer cover options making the Signaline FT suitable for use in a very wide range of applications

Made in UK

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Learn more about SIGNALINE works, reason for using, and application: CLICK HERE


  • Conductor Resistance 0.100 /m at 20 C
  • Max Voltage 42 V dc / 30 V ac
  • Dielectric Withstand (UL) 500 V dc
  • Tensile Strength 1700 N/mm
  • Minimum Bend Radius 75 mm
  • Weight 12 kg per 500 m
  • Suitable for Hazardous area and Safe area