Dual Loop Panel Module

The Dual Loop Panel Module provides two supervised loop functions for the fire alarm control panel. All models of the Taktis Fire Alarm Control Panel contain at least one Dual Loop Panel Module.
The Dual Loop Panel Module monitors loop device status and provides status to the panel processor. It holds device configurations and operates in a standalone manner when catastrophic failures occur. The Dual Loop Panel Modules can be connected in any available slot (C-K) on the Main Back Board to provide this operating function.
Each Dual Loop Panel Module can support either Hochiki or Apollo protocols.

Product code : S758


Technical information

  • Supply Voltage 24 V DC
  • Loop Voltage Range 25 – 38 V DC
  • Maximum Loop Current 400 mA
  • Maximum Current Consumption 1.5 A
  • Protocol(s) Supported Hochiki
  • Temperature Range -5oC – 49oC or 23oF – 120oF
  • Relative Humidity Up to 95%, non-condensing

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TAKTIS control panel Data Sheet.pdf
TAKTIS CONTROL PANEL Operating Instructions.pdf
TAKTIS Kentec and Hochiki Catalog.pdf