Vesda Xtralis OSE-SP-01 | OSID-DE Emitter Alkaline Battery, Standard Power, Battery Version

Using battery powered Emitters, with a guaranteed 5 year life, drastically reduce the wiring and installation costs

Each emitter (up to 7) generates 2 light beams in the UV and IR frequencies. These bundles are also encoded through a unique code recognized by the receiver. This approach allows the receiver to ignore any UV and IR light beams that come from sources other than emitters: the typical interference problems generated by sunlight are thus overcome.

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Learn more about OSID Beam Detector works and reason for using: CLICK HERE

 Main features: 

  • Patented dual wavelength, UV & IR, particle detection
  • CMOS imager with wide viewing angles
  • Simple installation, commissioning and maintenance
  • High tolerance to vibration and structural movement
  • High resistance to dust, fogging, steam, reflections and object intrusion
  • High resistance to reflected sunlight
  • On-board log memory
  • Software tool for diagnostic purposes
  • Aesthetically discreet and 3D coverage
  • Long range up to 150 m (492 ft.) with minimal free space (dia. 15 cm (5.85 inch)

Click on the links below to download the following attachments:

OSID Beam Detector Data Sheet.pdf

OSID Smoke Detector Product Guide.pdf

OSID-Design guide.pdf