Sigma CP Ancillary PCB

The Sigma Ancillary Board is compatible with all Sigma CP and CP-R panels which have operating software version V2.0 or above.
The board provides common fire, common fault, coincidence and zonal fire, volt free contacts allowing control of sub-systems, graphical mimics and plant, remotely from the main panel over a two wire data bus.

Product code: K580

K11020M2 : 2 zone, 4 wire panel
K11040M2 : 4 zone, 4 wire panel
K11080M2 : 8 zone, 4 wire panel
KL11020M2 : 2 zone, 4 wire panel
KL11040M2 : 2 zone, 4 wire panel
KL11080M2 : 8 zone, 4 wire panel
T11020M2 : 2 zone, 2 wire panel
T11040M2 : 4 zone, 2 wire panel
T11080M2 : 8 zone, 2 wire panel

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Main features

  • Two wire serial connection
  • Up to 7 boards per system
  • 230V AC or 24V DC powered versions
  • Open collector zonal fault outputs
  • Volt free fire, coincidence and common fault contact outputs

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Sigma CP Data Sheet.pdf