FireFinder Marine Universal High Level Interface Board

FireFinder Marine Universal High Level Interface Board

The Universal High-Level Interface Interface Board provides the ability for the FireFinder Marine Fire Panel to interface to a range of high-level interface options using common communication protocols.

Individual Fire Alarm Control Panel events such as fire, pre-alarms, disablements/isolates, and faults can be configured to be passed to the various external systems for reporting and indication.

Easy to configure
Supports RS232 and RS485 communications interfaces to external systems.
Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) interfacing converts system status, alarms, and events to NMEA 0183 Standard compliant strings.

Product code:  

4310-0095 : High Level Interface Board


Main features and benefits:

  • Designed to IEC 61162-1 Ed.3 Maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems-Digital Interfaces
  • Converts standard FireFinder Plus Fire Control Panel messages to NMEA 0183 Standards compliant strings

VDR Output Messages

  • System Normal Zonal Fire Status
  • Zonal Faults: open circuit, short circuit, detector removed
  • Sounder Circuit Faults: open circuit, short circuit
  • Disablements: zones, sounders, auxiliaries, delays
  • Test Mode Operation
  • Class Change & Alert Status Input Activations
  • Power Supply Faults: charger, battery, voltage & earth faults
  • Muster Alarm Activities
  • Control Button Activations: resound, silence, reset
  • Node/Network/Add on module Fault
  • System Fault Conditions (processor restarts)
  • Status Restoral Messages for Fires & Faults
  • System Status – repeated every 5 minutes

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Marine Fire Detection Catalog (page40-47) .pdf

FireFinder Marine Universal High Level Interface Board Data Sheet.pdf