Esento Marine 2-4 Zone

Esento Marine 2 Zone Conventional
2 zone marine approved fire alarm control panel. Esento Marine control panels are approved by MED, Lloyds Register & ABS for use in all seafaring vessels. The 2 zone includes muster alarm zone settings, false alarm management mode and non latching zones. (N.B. No networking or repeater panels)

Product code:  

ESEN-2MAR : 75mA 116mA
ESEN-4MAR : 85mA 133mA


Main features and benefits:

  • 2 zones
  • Activate controls via key switch or code entry
  • Compatible with Apollo Orbis Marine detectors
  • Integral detector removal monitoring
  • Earth fault monitoring
  • 1.25 Amp switch mode power supply Nom 27V DC
  • 2 monitored sounder outputs
  • 2 Aux C/O relays (1 x Fire) (1 x Fault). voltage free
  • Class change I/P
  • Alert I/P
  • Fire & fault switched -ve outputs
  • False alarm mode
  • Muster alarm feature
  • Test mode, with or without sounders
  • Disable zones, sounder O/Ps & aux O/Ps
  • Alarm load, 800mA shared between all sounder outputs
  • All sounder circuits are fused @ 500mA with resettable fuses

Click on the links below to download the following attachments:

Marine Fire Detection Catalog (page40-47) .pdf

Esento Marine 2-4 Zone Data Sheet.pdf