FireFinder Marine Network Repeater

FireFinder Marine Network Repeater

The SmartTerminal Repeater is an LCD annunciator designed to remotely display the status and provide control of the FireFinder Fire Alarm Control Panel.

The SmartTerminal provides the following front panel controls

  • Alarm Acknowledgement
  • Sound Alarms
  • Alarm Reset
  • Alarm and Warning System Isolate
  • Previous and Next – to scroll through faults and alarms

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Main features and benefits:

  • Up to 30 SmartTerminal’s can be connected to each FireFinder Fire Alarm Control Panel
  • Large LCD with Backlight
  • Internal Buzzer
  • Flush or Surface Mountable Enclosure
  • Control Enable Key Switch
  • Controls have tactile and audible feedback
  • Slimline version available

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Marine Fire Detection Catalog (page40-47) .pdf