Manual/Thermal Actuation Heads

Nominal dimensions for all manual/thermal and manual actuation heads with the: horizontal pull are 1.42 inches / 36.07 mm long, 1.25 inch / 31.75 mm wide, and 1.63 inch / 41.40 mm deep and the vertical pull are 2.25 inches / 57.15 mm long, 0.875 inch / 22.23 mm wide, and 0.480 inch / 12.19 mm deep. The brass version weighs .076 lb. / .03 kg. and the aluminum weighs .040 lb. / .018 kg.
In addition, the brass heads are made from C48500 naval brass and the aluminum heads are made from either 2011-T3 or 6061 T651 aluminum.
Temperature settings of our thermal devices should and cannot be confused with reaction times. Reaction time is based on several contributing factors including time for the brass or aluminum heads to transfer or absorb heat during a fire event to a point where the eutectic releases.

Part number : 20114


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