Signaline Water Linear Water Detection

Signaline Water is a simple and reliable solution for water detection. The Signaline Linear Water Detection cable continuously monitors for the presence of water providing fast and accurate alarm of water leak, ingress or flood events.

Designed to be integrated into a wider building management system or as a standalone system, Signaline Linear Water Detection can play a vital role in securing critical assets from water damage.

Typical installations include data centres, command control centres and electrical cabinets amongst others.

The system is made up of a simple plug and play controller and detection cable.

The controller requires no programming or specialist tools, allowing for quick and easy installation.

The robust detection cable requires no ongoing maintenance and can have a cable run of up to 1000m.

For standalone systems we can offer a water detection alarm control panel and connection boxes.

Key Points

  • Easy installation
  • Long alarm zones
  • Quick alarm activation
  • Robust detection cable
  • No ongoing maintenance
  • Up to 1000m of detection cable per zone
  • Compatible with Addressable or Conventional Fire Detection Systems
  • Easy setup with no special tools required

Typical Applications

Signaline WATER Linear Water Detection can be used to protect critical applications where equipment might be vulnerable to water ingress. Early detection of water can reduce or prevent costly downtime. It is a cost effective, reliable system which is easy to install and with up to 1km of linear detector per module. The flexible but tough detection cable acts as a sensor along its entire length.
  • Data centres 
  • Control cabinets 
  • Road tunnels 
  • Pre-fabricated bathrooms
  • Underground car parks

Signaline WD Linear Water Detection Cable

Signaline WD Water Detection Cable is a unique 4 core twisted cable that is tightly bound in a nylon fishnet braid, enabling water to easily come into contact with the sensitive elements of the cable. Two of the cores provide low voltage and low current power to the circuit while the other 2 cores are sensitive to the presence of water.

• Plug and Play installation

• IP67 connectors

• Up to 1000m single zone

• Zero maintenance

Signaline WDM-KM Linear Water Detection Monitor

The Signaline WDM-KM is a completely sealed compact device that monitors the Signaline WD Water Detection cable. The Signaline WD Water Detection Cable simply plugs into a socket on the Signaline WDM-KM for a secure and reliable connection.  

• Plug and Play installation

• IP67 enclosure

• Can monitor 1000m of cable

• Low current consumption

Signaline Water Detection Control Panel

Our Signaline Water Detection Control Panels provide a complete solution in circumstances where a fully monitored system is required.

Available in a small compact enclosure, the Signaline Water Detection Control Panel comes in either 2 or 4 zones.

The panels feature the most up to date functionality, including dependency modes, input/ output matrix programming and two monitored sounder circuits. The panels come with a quick start guide and have a one-person walk test mode to ensure that installation and maintenance of your Signaline Linear Water Detection system is quick and easy.

Signaline WIB

The Signaline WIB (Water Interposing Box) provides a convenient means of interfacing the Signaline WDMKM with a Signaline Water Detection Control Panel.

One Signaline WIB is required per zone. It is supplied with appropriately sized cable glands, terminal block and a 680 ohm resistor. It is also a quick and efficient method to interface the Signaline WDM-KM with other building management systems as well as Conventional and Addressable fire detection systems.

Signaline Water Lead-in Cable

Site layouts often mean that the Signaline WDM-KM must be placed in a control room or with other detection devices. This means the sensor cable cannot be plugged directly into the monitor. Where this situation occurs Signaline can supply a terminated 10m length of non-sensing lead-in cable. This simple solution can therefore ease installation and reduces costs.

• Plug and Play connections

• IP67 connectors

Linear water detection cable to protect critical equipment vulnerable to water ingress

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