VESDA LaserPlus filter (VLF,VLC,VLP,VLS)

The VESDA replacement filter cartridge (VSP-005 for single units and VSP-025 for a pack of 20) is used to replace filter
cartridges in VESDA VLC, VLF, VLP and VLS detectors.

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• Easy swap replacement filter
• Fits VESDA VLC, VLF, VLP and VLS detectors
• Available singly or in packs of 20
• Two Stage Filtration
• First stage removes particles in excess of 20 microns
• Second stage is ultra-fine and removes more than 99% of particles of 0.3 microns or larger to provide a clean air barrier for optics protection

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VESDA (ASD / HSSD) Pipe and Fittings Catalog.pdf

VSP-005 Data Sheet.pdf