VESDA-E VEP Aspirating Smoke Detector

The VESDA-E VEP series of smoke detectors bring the latest and most advanced detection technology to provide very early warning and the best nuisance alarm rejection to a wide range of applications. Built on the Flair detection technology and years of application experience, VEP detectors achieve consistent performance over their lifetime via absolute calibration.

Available 3 models :

  • VEP-A00-1P
  • VEP-A00-P
  • VEP-A10-P
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• Suitable for Class 1 Division 2 applications – Groups A,B,C & D
• One and four pipe models for different applications
• Flair detection technology delivers reliable very early warning in a wide range of environments with minimal nuisance alarms
• Short wavelength laser-based detection:
– High sensitivity from small particle light scattering
– No drift compensation required since focused light directed at target gives low backgrounds
– High stability with temperature and time
• Multi stage filtration and optical protection with clean air barriers ensures lifetime detection performance
• Four alarm levels and a wide sensitivity range deliver optimum protection for the widest range of applications
• Intuitive LCD icon display provides instant status information for immediate response
• Flow fault thresholds per port accommodate varying airflow conditions
• Smart on-board filter retains dust count and remaining filter life for predictable maintenance
• Extensive event log (20,000 events) for event analysis and system diagnostics
• AutoLearn™ smoke and flow for reliable and rapid commissioning
• Referencing to accommodate external environmental conditions to minimise nuisance alarms
• Backward compatible with VLP and VESDAnet
• Remote monitoring with iVESDA for system review and proactive maintenance
• Ethernet for connectivity with Xtralis software for configuration, secondary monitoring and maintenance
• USB for PC configuration, and firmware upgrade using a memory stick
• Two programmable GPIs (1 monitored) for flexible remote control
• Field replaceable sub-assemblies enable faster service and maximum uptime

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