Addressable Water Leak Detection – Dual Loop Control Panel 230 VAC

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An addressable water leak detection system, that offers both linear and point solutions using the Hydro-Wire or Hydro-Probe. Single and dual loop panels are available, with each loop supporting a maximum of 127 addressable devices.
Addressable Control Panel:

  • Both single and dual loop control panels available
  • A single loop panel can support up to 254 Hydro-Probes, or over 12,000 m of Hydro-Wire
  • A dual loop panel can support in excess of 500 Hydro-Probes and over 25,000 m of Hydro-Wire
  • Control panel configuration allows each addressable device to be uniquely identified
  • Remote outputs now fully configurable
  • RS485 panel expansion bus supporting up to 32 additional accessories
  • Cause and Effect output control via Loop Explorer 2 PC software
  • Fully monitored sounder circuits
  • Additional 8-Way relay board also available
  • Battery Standby

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