As dust and dirt has a negative effect on the performance and reliability of ASD systems the need of extensive maintenance visits are needed to keep the systems perform optimal. Extensive maintenance brings high costs, multiple site visits and process disturbance.

An ASD is great at detecting fire quickly. With unsurpassed speed, it reports smoke far before other solutions do. Only an ASD system cannot withstand dirt. This causes the holes in the pipe network to Silt up which causes airflow faults and a much less earlier Firedetection.

The Blazer solves this problem and keeps the ASD system clean fully automatically. The blazer makes it possible to benefit from the great detection qualities of ASD in many more places. It gives you the opportunity to detect a fire at a very early stage, even in a dusty environment.

It saves you maintenance … Protects your detector. In other words,
The Blazer saves you money and offers you options!

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How does it works? 

The Blazer autonomously blows pressurized air thought the aspirating pipe network, fully controlled by a pre-programmed PLC. The pulsating air stream efficiently removes dust and dirt from the sampling holes, to ensure the correct level of air flow through the ASD system and a secure detection is maintained.

The air pressure is controlled by a separate air valve. The valve for the first pipe is opened when the cleaning schedule starts. In the next 25* seconds pressurized air flows through the pipe with a 1* second pulse width. 2* seconds after completing the cleaning cycle for the first pipe, the normal airflow to the detector will be restored. 60* seconds later the cleaning cycle of the next pipe will commence.

By selecting the appropriate cleaning program The Blazer enables the use of an aspirating detector system in a wide range of dirty and dusty environments.

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