The majority of automatic detection systems available today are designed to only warn when an incident has already happened lt”s TOO LATE!

Physical barriers
Around the perimeter of a site is usually a physical barrier a fence or wall which in many cases can easily be climbed therefore only delay loss.

Intruder alarms
Intruder alarms are generally deployed internally and are only effective once an intrusion has occurred. in reality they limit loss.

CCTV is a deterrent and a good management tool however its main purpose is to record events which are subsequently used to identify potential criminals after the event has occurred in effect recording loss.

A guard is best deployed in react to a situation that was detected using electronic systems. Think AIRPORT security the guards only react to electronic systems such as Xray and Metal detector equipment in effect they respond in many cases to loss that has already occurred.

Remote Monitoring
By design Remote video monitoring systems protect a premises this is achieved by creating a CENTRAL MONITORING STATION or CMS that is usually manned 24-7.This can be a 3rd party CMS that specializes in monitoring and can quickly dispatch a guard in the event of a verified incident i.e. intruder on site.
Or it can be the customers own premises where a number of their premises can be centrally monitored from a single location. Once the CMS has been established the next component’s are the system’s deployed on site.


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