FAST proud Sponsor Of Mama Sayang

Mama Sayang was founded by Mike and Jev Hilliard in 2003, and is located two hours outside of Jakarta and provides food, shelter, education and healthcare to over 120 children from all over the country.

Mama Sayang is a fully licensed and legal orphanage and their goal is to help others have greater opportunities and to change lives in Indonesia, with a key focus to impart self-esteem and build character through education and teaching, while learning morality and self-discipline.
Mama Sayang is all about giving opportunity and most of these kids will grab their chance.

FAST is a proud supporter of Mama Sayang and welcomes any support offered by individuals or companies, for those interested please contact Tony Drummond at our FAST office.

Pictured: Tony Drummond Visits Mama Sayang to see the children Sponsored by FAST. Tony schedules a trip to the orphanage monthly to visit, supplying clothing and support.